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Inteligon PremiumHosting™

Top Quality – Top Reliability – Top Effordability

The Company as well as the Servers are based in Switzerland. We ensure that only high-end equipment is used in our webhosting services. Our Servers are based in Zurich and are protected with a high-end firewall, state-of-the-art safety-equipment and 24/7 guarding. As one of the most politically stable regions in the world, Switzerland is the perfect place for webhosting. Its position in the center of Europe makes it a perfect place for having a superfast connection to all european regions.

It is very important to us, having your data secured and safe and kept apart from any access from other parties. Aditionally to high-end firewalls and 24/7 guarding, all of our Servers and Backup-Servers run on Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks (RAID).

Inteligon’s Servers and services are running on Solid-State-Drives (SSD). Generally SSD’s have 50% less power draw and no moving parts so only little heat is produced in comparison to comon HDDs (Hard Disk Drives). In addition they are safe from any effects of magnetism, vibrations and are over all much more reliable. But not only this are the advantages of SSDs, they also have an alot higher Write and Read speed (up to 9x faster writing and 18x faster reading speed).

Inteligon promises you an Dedicated / Unice IP Adress for each of your booked services. IP stands for Internet Protocol and is defined as a unique address assigned to each computer that is connected to a certain network. Advantages of an dedicated IP address are:

  • Safer: You will not get blocked or blacklisted because other people sent spam mails or committed harmful actions. Additionally your email sending reputation and return can give you better delivery rates.
  • Faster: In case of Shared IP’s, servers have to do extra work in order to differentiate traffic. In the case of an Dedicated IP Address, they deliver better performance.

As a customer of InteligonPremiumHosting™ you can enjoy the benefits of our InteligonPremiumSupport™ as Standard. We try to do our best to resolve any question you have with your Webspace as soon as possible according to the motto “Quality comes before Quantity”. Our Support is not limited to technical issues alone, but shall enable you to do everything you want with your webspace. This gives you the opportunity to get the most out of your webspace even if you do not have a lot of experience and time to do research on your own. “The customer is king”, thus feel free to ask us anything that is related to your webspace, we will be happy to answer it.

In addition to InteligonPremiumHosting™ we offer an optional 100% Auto Backup for your webhosting account and files. Included is: 1 daily backup (files are kept for 7 days), 1 weekly backup (files are kept for 1 month), 1 monthly backup (files kept for 1 year).

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If you need more extended Webhosting Services than our standard offers provide, please feel free to ask us fo a special offer. We are happy to configure a customized webhosting package with more storag, domains, databases and/or other customizations for you.