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Here you can find out about our premium quality webhosting. We will tell you more about our features, hardware and pricing. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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Features of our Webhosting

All of our webhosting offers come with a dedicated IP-adress as standard. You do not have to share it with any of our other customers and can be truly independent.

In order to save some time, e.g. during the building of a website, our webhosting offers include everything around the topic of SSL-certificates. Don’t to worry about those anymore.

To secure your progress, all of our offers come with regular safety backups. If you want to restore an old version, it is always just one click away. We provide you with 7 backups of the last 7 days and additional 4 backups for the past 4 weeks in order to save one month of your progress.

In case you need some support, you can find answers us via our support-system on 365 days a year. Just send us an e-mail to support@inteligon.com or go to our support system.

  • Dedicated IPv4 Addresses

  • Free Lets Encrypt SSL Certificates

  • Automatic renewal of all certificates

  • Automatic installation of all certificates

  • Automatic backup of all your sites

  • 365-day e-mail support

  • Security & Performance hints by “Inteligon Advisor”

  • User Role Management

  • Multiple Statistics

  • Easy Filemanager

  • Page Speed Insights and WordPress Toolkit


Our User Interface is highly functional and offers very good usability for professional and beginning needs.

With our “Inteligon Advisor” you get hints on how to imrove your security and performance. You will be guided to the solution easily.

If you want to allow other users to access your Webhosting dashboard in order to manage websites, install applications, or use email services under your domains, then you need to create user accounts. Assign roles to users to give them access to apps and services hosted on your account. There are several predefined user roles. Custom roles can modified or new ones created.

You can supervise your applications with helpful statistics. Managing you files professionally is very simple with our file manager.


With Inteligon’s webhosting you can be sure that only the best hardware ist used. We speed up your the performance with SSD-databases and make sure that there is always sufficient computing power, RAM and bandwidth to handle even advanced tasks. There are no overcrowded servers with Inteligon.

Since our servers are located close to the geographic center of europe and have an excellent connection to the next big internet hub, you will get astonishing pings in Europe and decent pings around the world. No need to worry about high latencies anymore.

  • Databases exclusively on SSD

  • Top Brand Servers with Intel CPU

  • Plenty of RAM

  • Fast up- and download

  • Low ping from everywhere in Europe

  • Over 80 % power draw reduction

  • Most power comes from renewables

  • Compensation for carbon emissions

  • Steadily increasing share of renewables

Sustainable Webhosting

Around the globe mankind is experiencing the aftermath of global warming more and more every year. Tremendous personal suffering and economic damages have been caused and will be caused by temparature related phenomenon. Many regions will most likely become inhabitable within the next couple of decades.

We at Inteligon want to do our part and decrease emissions of greenhouse gases caused by our services. Inteligon tries to reduce its net emissions to zero as soon as possible. Our officials do always take the train during business trips if possible. Video- or phone-conferences are primariliy used as long as they do not impair with the quality of our services.

Due to our efforts, working with Inteligon will not harm the environment while you still get all the services and specs you could possibly want. Help us making the world a place worth living for the future.

Our Webhosting Offers

Below you can explore the exact specifications of our offers. Please feel free to contact us if you have open questions. If you need more extended specifications than those listed below, we are happy to talk about a special offer for you. Just contact us in this case.

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  • 50 GB Storage
  • 5 Mail Accounts
  • 5 Databases
  • Unlimited Domain Aliases
  • 5 add-On Domains
  • Dedicated IP-Address
  • Free Backups 7+4
  • Wordpress


  • 100 GB Storage
  • 25 Mail Accounts
  • 10 Databases
  • Unlimited Domain Aliases
  • 10 add-On Domains
  • Dedicated IP-Address
  • Free Backups 7+4
  • Wordpress + Page Speed Insights + Git Management


  • 150 GB Storage
  • 50 Mail Accounts
  • 100 Databases
  • Unlimited Domain Aliases
  • 100 add-On Domains
  • Dedicated IP-Address
  • Free Backups 7+4
  • Wordpress + Page Speed Insights + Git Management

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