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Inteligon – Your Premium Webdesign Agency

On this page you can learn more about the webdesign and webdevelopment services ofour agency. We will tell you about some of our key competences as well as our philosophy. With Inteligon you do not only get Webdesign form passionate Designers and Programmers but also thoughtful entrepeneurs. We know that the purpose of webdesign is being a good investment. Thus our goal is to make your website a profitable part of your marketing concept.

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Optimized for Mobile Devices, Desktops and Tablets

Nowadays, Mobile Optimization is becoming ever more important for online presences. Since 2016 mobile searches make up for more than 50% of all organic searches on Google. In order to take advantage of those mobile searches, we will create responsive Websites and E-Commerce. With a webdesign made by Inteligon will look equally beautiful on mobile devices and desktop devices. With keeping mobile optimization in mind we can increase your range immensely.

Graphic Design and Branding

We know that it takes more than the code and a webdesign to create an effective and beautiful website. Thus we also can provide the service to create your personal logo and create or enhance images. If you like, we can develop your brand from the beginning and provide you with your corporate identity or help you to improve your brand. Do not hesitate, just feel free to get in contact with us!


Do you want to increase your sells by using a new web shop or improving your old shop? Then you are at the right address with Inteligon. With an effective E Commerce people are much more likely to buy from you and with a managed Google-Ads campaign you can improve conversion rates even more. Depending on your product, a social media campaign might be very profitable, too. If you have something one could sell online, an online shop might be the most profitable and cost-effective part of an online-marketing concept. Feel free to contact us and discuss further details with us.


Prices are highly dependend on how much we have to plan and develop before the actual creation of the website and how elaborated it shall be. Every project is different and we tailor-fit the project for your personal needs. Thus we can not tell you any specific pricings without any information. But you can feel free to tell us something about your project non-commital and confidential. We will give you a personal advice and an make an non-binding offer. Then you can decide if you want to work with our agency.

We Are Waiting For You!

Reach out to us! We will be happy to answer your questions and help you to build a succesful and profitable online-marketing presence.

Why should you choose our Webdesign Agency?

Of course we hope that you are already convinced that we might be the right Webdesign Agency for you. But if you aren’t, here are some more arguments:

Our Philosophy   All of our projects are regarded as highly important for us. When we start a project, we adopt it as our own. We totally focus on your project and making it a success. According to the motto: Only a customer that we made happy is a good customer.

Our Team   We have got lots of experience with both big and small projects and thus have created a team with high expertise and very efficient workflows. You can always be sure to get great value for money with Inteligon.

Our Expertise in Communication   Maybe you think that it might be a good way to go with self-built Sandbox-Websites and not with a professional Marketing-Agency. But you wouldn’t want just a simple website. With Inteligon you will get more than that: We understand that a simple website alone might not be profitable. You should not just have a “blog” or “business-card” that informs about you, but build a platform for customer-communication. Because communication is what leads to new sales or contracts.