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Tailor-fitted Concepts

Each of your projects will be tailor-fitted for you. With a webdesign from Inteligon you get exactly what you need and want, neither more nor less. If you are not sure what exactly you need in order to achieve your goals, we are happy to develop a full grown online marketing-concept with you. This can include a website, social media campaigns, google ads campaigns and much more. Just contact us for more information!

Optimized for Mobile Devices, Desktops and Tablets

Nowadays, Mobile Optimization is becoming ever more important for online presences. Since 2016 mobile searches make up for more than 50% of all organic searches on Google. In order to take advantage of those mobile searches, we will create responsive Websites and E-Commerce if you wish so. With Inteligon your website will look equally beautiful on mobile devices and desktop devices.


Do you want to increase your sells by using a new web shop or improving your old shop? Then you are at the right address with Inteligon. With a beautiful E Commerce people are much more likely to buy from you and with a managed Google-Ads campaign you can improve conversion rates even more. Depending on your product, a social media campaign might be very profitable, too. Feel free to contact us and discuss further details with us.

Graphic Design and Branding

We know that it takes more than the code and the framework to create a well functioning and beautiful website. Thus we also can provide the service to create your personal logo according to your wishes (of course as a vector file) and create or enhance images. If you like, we can develop a brand from the beginning and provide you with your corporate identity. Do not hesitate, just feel free to get in contact with us!

Professional Translations in over 98 languages

Globalization is such a big topic today. Companies ever more often do not stay within one border. Even within a single country such as Switzerland, several languages are beeing spoken. Thus we can offer professional translations of your website in 98 different laguages. Just to name some examples: We can provide translations in english, german, french, italian, spanish, russian and many more.


Prices are highly dependend on how much we have to plan and develop before the actual creation of the website and how elaborated it shall be. Every website is different. We have experienced that small websites (sort of online business cards) usually start at 800 CHF and medium sized websites can go up to 5000 CHF or more. If you want to get more specific information, tell us about your project using the links below!

We Are Waiting For You!

Reach out to us! Following these links you can reach us with all different kinds of requests quickly and with ease. If You have very specific services in mind for which you want to ask us for a costs estimate, please use the form for a “detailed request”. If You want us to work on a concept with you, please describe what you want to achieve in the “ask for a concept”-form. If you have general requests, please write us via the “general requests”-form.